It’s all just blood, sweat and tears

My father often said, ” money isn’t everything, but without it, we have nothing.” I hate that he’s right. Today was pay day and my $ is already gone. After paying the bills, I have enough to do a little grocery shopping, but that’s it. And, I hate it! People believe that writer’s lives are glamorous. They sit in their pjs all day sitting at the computer eating bon bons. But, that’s not true. Most writers, except the established ones, have a day job and writing is something that they do at night or on weekends. They pinch pennies to pay the bills, but still keep writing. It’s not for the $, but because WE need to do it.
I’ve tried to stop writing so many times, but I just can’t. It’s in my blood. I have to write something, even if it’s just this blog post.
And, that being said, I have a book releasing next week. In exactly seven days, Forever Love will be out in the world and I’ll be back at my computer working on something new.
I’ve submitted a form to get a paperback of my first novel from my other publisher, so pretty soon I’ll be getting those red line edits in the mail to revise and return to them, so that I can have my own copy of it. I loved the book when I finished writing it, but as I read more reviews on it, and yes, I know that not everyone will like my book, I want to revise it and send it back into the world and that’s what publishing it in paperback is going to do. Even if it’s only my copy. I’m hoping that if people read it, they will want to read my other stuff and I’ll gain more readers. Here’s to hoping!


About Katie.Gallagher

I'm a wife, mother to two fur babies and one beautiful little girl, and a YA author with Rebel Ink Publishing . I love coffee, flip flops and hate cold weather!
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