Hello Katie Gallagher

I finally got my rites for my first two novels back from my old publisher,so I was able to send them to my current publisher and we’re working on rewriting them and putting them back into the world 🙂 Ive figured out the new title,Stealing Hearts,and the cover and now I’m just waiting for the edits to show up in my email. Not very patiently if I say so myself,lol.
And, on top of my writer duties and my day job,which I’m thankfully off for a few days, my husband and I are starting to look at houses to get out of my mother in laws house.
We moved back home from fort Riley, Kansas in 09 and have lived here ever since,but ever since my father in law passed away  last year,its been hard to stay here and it seems like we’re not wanted any more so we’re leaving. I can’t wait to start our new life. Maybe I’ll even have my own office so that I have a place to go to write when I want to get away. I can finally feel like a real writer.


About Katie.Gallagher

I'm a wife, mother to two fur babies and one beautiful little girl, and a YA author with Rebel Ink Publishing . I love coffee, flip flops and hate cold weather!
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