I’m a “Working Writer”

I just finished watching @PLL and felt inspired to run upstairs and actually pull out my laptop and work on my current WIP. It’s at 30k of a garbled mess at the moment, but I’m slowly piecing it back together and hope to have it ready to publish by the end of the year. Wither, I’ll send it to my publisher or try to venture out on my own is yet to be seen.

That being said, I received an email from my publisher today and originally they were going to re-release my novels Stealing Hearts and Forever Love as two paperbacks, but now have decided to publish them together as one volume in  a digital compilation that due out on February 10th along with another novel, Catching You, which is going to be out in paperback.

And. I’ve only been with Rebel Ink for a year and have three novels out. Wow! That has to be some sort of record for me. No wonder I’m trying to finish my “UN-finished” manuscripts before sending them out into the world. At least that’s one of my goals for 2016.

The other one is to finish all of books I haven’t read yet before buying something new, but I’ve already failed at that one when I pre-ordered my fellow rec rat Heather Hambel Curley’s newest release, Haunt.

Well, I had every intention of staying up late and writing since I close tomorrow night, I can already feel my eyes getting heavy and think I’m going to try to get more than 2-3 hours of sleep before my daughter wakes up wanting rocked back to sleep. Maybe I’ll try to write a bit on my dinner break instead.

Such is the life of a “working writer”. I think I just coined a new phrase for myself.









About Katie.Gallagher

I'm a wife, mother to two fur babies and one beautiful little girl, and a YA author with Rebel Ink Publishing . I love coffee, flip flops and hate cold weather!
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