This is Seriously Me :)


Tell us about yourself!

I’m Katie, a writer from Western Pennsylvania who first started writing young adult mysteries, but has since switched to romance and is considering switching genres yet again. Paranormal might just be calling my name. I’m in my mid-thirties, and am happy to say I think I’m finally happy with the person that I am. I’m also a wife and a mother and am grateful that my little family puts up with my quirks on a daily basis.

How did you choose the genre you write in?

I didn’t exactly choose it as it chose me. I write stories that call to me and that could be one reason that I have so many unfinished drafts on my computer of manuscripts because my muse has stopped talking to me halfway through and pushed me towards another story that needs told. I’m still waiting for half of my WIPS(works in progress) to get finished.

What kind of challenges did you have getting your first book published?

Rejection, rejection and wait, did I say rejection? It got to the point that I had a folder on my computer that contained all of my rejection letters and it was getting so big that after a while I just stopped counting.

How do you market your books?

Poorly, just kidding. But, marketing is harder than I first thought. I utilize social media to help me by posting my book links on my Twitter account and also use both of my Facebook pages; personal and author page to get interest. And, of course, do interviews like this one so that my readers, how few there are, can see what I’m up, and hopefully get some new ones along the way.

Who are the top three actors you’d cast in the movie version of your books? Actresses?

Joshua Jackson as James and Katie Holmes as Cyn in Forever Love and Stealing Hearts. And Lucy Hale and Tyler Blackburn as Lauren and Nick in Catching You.

Do you have any books you’ve written and love, but haven’t been able to publish yet?

I haven’t been able to finish writing a book in like forever, so no.

What is the toughest criticism you have received as an author?

Receiving a one star review that said “worst book ever”. They didn’t write anything and I kept wondering.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Never stop. Never stop writing, never stop believing in your work, and never stop believing in what you can do.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans/readers?

Stay Tuned, there is more to come… I promise!

What writing projects are you working on?

I have many incomplete manuscripts stashed on my computer, but have decided to work on something rather new tentively titled Witchy. In it the main character, Jules has just lost her parents in a fatal car accident and as she cleaning out her parents’ house she learns that the man that she has called her father for the last twenty five years is not her father at all and her mother is actually a witch. But, if that isn’t enough, she also finds out that she has two sisters; twins that were raised by her real father, that she knew nothing about. That’s when she realizes that the life that she knew was all a lie and life will never be the same again.

Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?

I’d love to say that I’m the kind of author that first outlines her novel and knows every single thing that is going to happen every step of the way, but I’d be lying. I go with whatever my characters want and more times than not, I’m not writing because my characters don’t like the story I’m writing.

Who is the most supportive of your writing in your family? 

My husband. He tries to take our daughter as much as he can, so that I can get some writing time, but sometimes it’s hard because she’s a momma’s girl. He also tells me that it will get easier as she gets older and is better at entertaining herself or is in school, but there are a lot of times that I just get frustrated and want to give up all together.

Does your day job ever get in the way of your writing?

Totally! I work full time as a sales associate at Walgreens and by the time I get home from work and do my mommy duties I’m too exhausted to even look at my computer. I keep a notebook in my purse in hopes that inspiration will strike while I’m on my lunch break, but thirty minutes isn’t enough time to eat and write for me, so I usually just end up sitting at the table stuffing food in my mouth while reading a book.

Is it true that authors write word-perfect first drafts?

Heck no! I once read a blog post from Laurell K. Hamilton, one of my favorite authors, where she said that she once sent a first draft to her editor that had no physical descriptions in it at all. That makes me feel much better about my own writing to know that an established author can also make mistakes.

Do you believe attractive book covers help in its sales?

Yes I do. I don’t think people would read a book with an ugly cover over a beautiful cover. I’ve even had my publisher re-do my covers because of this because after having my books out for a few months I’d gotten feedback from other author friends that they thought I would get more sales if I fixed my covers and its helped a little bit and will be more critical from now on when picking photos for my book covers.

Have you ever destroyed any of your drafts?

Yep! The delete button is my best friend.

Did you specifically plan your studies around your interest of writing?

I toyed with author careers growing up, but it was my love of reading and writing that made me decide to major in English, much to my father’s dismay, and instead of becoming a teacher, I decided to write. I still sometimes think I’d love to go back to school and get my teaching degree for a backup, but right now it’s just time and money that’s keeping me from doing it.

Is there a particular kind of attire you like to write in?

Since the majority of my writing time comes after my daughter is in bed, so I’d have to say my pajamas.

Do you blog?

I try and blog at least once a month, but a lot of the time it’s less than that because I don’t feel as if I have much to say. I mean who wants to hear about the cranky customer I dealt with at work because the item they wanted wasn’t on sale and they thought it should be anyway?


About Katie.Gallagher

I'm a wife, mother to two fur babies and one beautiful little girl, and a YA author with Rebel Ink Publishing . I love coffee, flip flops and hate cold weather!
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