Completed Novels


Two lines. That’s what Cyn Clark saw when she took a pregnancy test after her period was two weeks late. At first, she chalked it up to the stress of midterms since the end of the semester was right around the corner. But when she started to feel tired and queasy, she decided to take the test and that’s when her life changed forever. Although, already engaged to her boyfriend, now fiancee, James Lucas, this new revelation has Cyn questioning her decision. Would she be able to handle motherhood alone after James deployed in May? Or had they rushed into their entire relationship? James surprises Cyn by proposing all over again when he hears the news about their coming surprise and things seem to be better between them, but for how long?

Will Cyn get her happily ever after or be disappointed in the end?



Eighteen-year-old Cyn Clark sees her acceptance to Robert Morris University as her chance to get away from her run of the mill suburban life. But as soon as she arrives on campus, she begins to doubt she can survive. Her roommate is a bitch and the campus is so large she can’t find any of her classes.

What if she made a mistake coming here? Cyn begins to wonder if she should just go home and take classes at the community college. Until she meets James Lucas.
From their first meeting there’s an intense connection between them.

James works hard to break down the walls around Cyn’s heart and he’s almost there when he gets news from home that brings difficult questions into their relationship. Cyn suddenly seems unsure of James and instead of talking to him about it, she makes the mistake of kissing someone else.

James decision to leave completely devastates Cyn and shortly after, she finds out she’s pregnant. What is she going to do and how in the world can she raise a baby on her own?



In the Works




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